Raphael Kirchgaessner

Portland, OR 97219 · (503) 206-2762 · exitare@exitare.de

I am Raphael Kirchgaessner, a PhD student currently enrolled in the Biomedical Department of OHSU. I am dedicated and self motivated to always improve myself in any possible way.

The only person you are truly competing against is yourself


PhD Student

In my role as a graduate student at OHSU, I focused on the development and implementation of computational models for cancer research. My work primarily involved the construction of novel algorithms to extract deeper biological insights from cancer data. I extensively used advanced neural networks, including Variational Autoencoders (VAE), Autoencoders (AE), and Graph Neural Networks (GNN), for the generation of new data embeddings. These embeddings were crucial in optimizing the processing and interpretation of clinical data, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of our research. My contributions have significantly impacted the methodological approach to cancer research at OHSU, driving innovation in the application of machine learning techniques in the field of oncology.

September 2019 - Present


As a mentor on Wyzant, Inc., I offer professional services to individuals seeking guidance in Python, Machine Learning, C#, and German. I catered to students with a wide range of proficiency levels, ranging from high school to university-level.

August 2022 - Present

CEO & Founder

I co-founded Origin Audio LLC with a colleague and currently assume responsibility for the day-to-day management of the business, as well as software development.

Origin Audio LLC specializes in providing machine learning services to musicians and producers.

January 2021 - Present

CEO & Founder

Founded AnoBrain in May 2022. Anobrains offers consulting services to clients who require assistance in both the realms of Data Science and IT.

May 2022 - Present

Teaching Assistant

As a teaching assistant, my responsibilities included conducting support sessions for first to third-year students. These sessions primarily focused on programming classes, but were not limited to them. Furthermore, I played an active role in the development of new software that was intended to be utilized by students as an example during their classes.

September 2017 - March 2018

Program and Project Management

Deutsche Telekom DTSE, Bonn, Germany

During my six-month internship in the DTSE department at Deutsche Telekom, I was part of the program and project management team. My duties included the reporting of project statuses and progress, as well as organizing various projects throughout the organization.

March 2016 - September 2016


Oregon Health & Science University

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Biomedical Engineering

In my research, I concentrated on leveraging spatial omics data and machine learning to explore how these technologies can improve cancer treatment and extend patient survival.

September 2019 - 2024

University of applied Sciences Karlsruhe

Bachelor of Science
Business Information Systems

Thesis Title: Application of a geolocation framework for customer aquisition

Grade: 1.3

Final Grade: 2.1
September 2013 - September 2017


Programming & Markup Languages
Tools & Frameworks
Areas of Expertise
  • Data Science / Research, particuarly in the field of Deep Learning & Spatial Omics.
  • Business Application Development
  • Consulting
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mentoring / Teaching

Research & Papers

Computational Pipeline to Identify Gene signatures that Define Cancer Subtypes

Ekansh Mittal, Vatsal Parikh, Raphael Kirchgaessner
November 2022

Imputing Single-Cell Protein Abundance in Multiplex Tissue Imaging

Raphael Kirchgaessner, Cameron Watson, Allison Creason, Kaya Keutler, Jeremy Goecks
December 2023


In addition to my academic pursuits as a graduate student, I engage in a variety of activities that bring me pleasure, such as playing soccer,hiking, exercising, and spending quality time with loved ones. Moreover, I am an enthusiastic learner, committed to expanding my knowledge in diverse subject areas, including but not limited to the latest advancements in IT and Machine Learning.